Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Joy of a different kind.

Christmas joy this morning lay in getting my dear David dressed, some new clothes, some old...and being able to open our presents early! Every year till now we have waited for me to finish however many services I was taking. Present opening was nearer to lunch time most years!

Usually our Christmas Day was on Boxing Day. We went out for lunch at one of the local hotels. No excuse for that this year. The big bird is in the oven. That was my first task this morning. We are both aware of just how much our lives are changing but Christmas is still special and we shall celebrate the Christ Child with joy.

The wind has dropped though it's back again tomorrow so I will pick up all the debris...and thank God for the electricity which is cooking our dinner.

Two years ago the overhead power line was replaced by one underground....the digging went on for weeks but today we know that our electricity would certainly have been off after that storm. Living in an area of outstanding natural beauty has more than one advantage!

Reading of some of the rest of the countries problems we know how lucky we are...visitors drop in, family voices on the phone, there's enough food to last till New Year....thank you God for all your blessings.

May everyone feel the joy of the Christ child today!

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  1. A lovely post. I suspect that we've been fortunate in North Kent so far, further down on the Medway and in West Kent there is extensive flooding and huge power cuts. Many people have spent Christmas in shelters or with relatives. The Emergency services are working all hours to restore power and to clear water, but the task is enormous and the resources finite.

    Prayers continue for you and David and for all of those spending Christmas in places, other than their own homes.