Saturday, 28 December 2013

Just how many plagues?

I am waiting for a day when there is no bad news. Today is not that day!

On Monday when high winds and driving rains are forecast we have our first trip to hospital for radio treatment!

Winds of 80 miles per hour have been forecast for here!

David is being taken by ambulance. I am not allowed to travel with him! Some wonderful rule about only taking the patient has been dreamed up by those in a friend is taking me in a separate car...which makes no sense at all. But I am grateful to her!

The chances are that the ferry won't be running, particularly as a crew member got swept overboard on the last gale swept day! It's a long drive round by road, for ambulances and cars alike!

David will be returned home by ambulance...which means I won't be as anxious as I might be but what was always going to be a difficult, complicated day just got much much worse!

Trials and tribulations just pile on top of each other....I am confidently expecting the plague of frogs soon....and someone needs to tell the stair lift sales person who is coming to see us next week that slagging off the opposition does his firm no credit at all. After a 15 minute conversation on the phone yesterday he more or less lost his firm the job!

On the whole I prefer frogs even in great numbers to boils or any other skin eruptions....but a quiet day to reach the hospital would have been great, especially as we still have a house without heating....yesterday's young man failed to fix it....I am starting to lose the will to live.....which is of course nonsense....But I am getting extremely twitchy about what happens next!

And I do realise that many people are in much worse conditions than's turkey soup day...Again!


  1. Continuing prayers for you and David, Jean- I'm not sure just what is going on but it sounds horrendous for you both.