Thursday, 5 December 2013

Medical technology!

Getting up in the very early morning is no real problem to us.....we have both worked and transported our children around, and it's a familiar routine. I am up by seven in order to get to church to do the eight o'clock communion regularly.
This morning is different though. This is the start of a new ingredient....
David is being fitted with a face mask. When he is having radio treatment it is essential to be absolutely still. Modern technology gives pin point accuracy when it's aimed at the brain but any movement would cause damage to the good cells we are told.
This morning he is going to have a face mask fitted.
Again modern technology comes to the rescue. They will put a sort of plastic jelly on his face which hardens into all his contours. This can then be lifted off and used every time he has treatment to protect his good cells.
The more I see of the nurses and doctors involved, the more I am told about new devices and discoveries the higher my regard for the NHS soars.
My darling David is apprehensive, they soothe him. We have never been patronised, they have all told it like it is!
Today is the start of an intense period of travelling in and out of the hospital . The ferry cuts the driving time down considerably but it will take at least an hour and a half each way...Big lumps out of our day....
I pray it's all towards a good end! God willing!


  1. Daily prayers for you both will be doubled.
    Love and blessingsX
    (Hugs too)

  2. [*] ongoing for both of you. The miracle of medical science are God's gift to us as is healing - praying that they are with you both in abundance.

  3. Thank you both. We were very tired when we hot home but hopefully it will be worth it! Your prayers are much appreciated....