Saturday, 21 December 2013

News from the ether!

News from all the various parts of the family arrive daily. One remote relative is still dancing and currently playing Billy Eliots grandmother in the West End. She is older than me! Oddly also in theatre land two of David's grandchildren were actually in the Apollo when it collapsed on their heads! As one of them was newly pregnant it could have been dodgy but all is well!

In other news another grandchild is newly qualified in her first step towards becoming a para medic!

Photos of various great grand children turn up in every post as do words of comfort and joy!

So many people I've married , christened, or helped through tragic loss are now turning up daily with offers of help and mince pies!

Some people I would never suspect of being blog readers know exactly where we are in our daily lives....amazingly many are also older than me...and very glad to get reports from the domestic front's a strange world we are living in!

The electronic miracle which allows me to play Scrabble with people from around the world also keeps me in touch with people from years ago! There have been so many Jeans....but they are all here contained in a small personal segment of the ether!

Is that not a blessing?


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