Monday, 9 December 2013


Spending so much time at the hospital I have had to make "other arrangements" for home deliveries. Because it's December I have ordered lots of the presents I will give out over the holiday season. The parcels they arrive in are the problem...I pinned a note on my back door saying, "Please put any parcels in the summer house"

So far this has worked well.....our next door neighbour has a new baby....she does not need all my stuff arriving....

Even the regular postman now puts anything too fat to go in our outside post box in the summerhouse.

Yesterday whilst I was out several things arrived in my absence.

A large, heavy parcel I looked at in the dusk last night said it had been opened in Belfast as a security measure and was now safe! I haven't unpacked it yet but I'm assuming it contains the mole deterrent pellets.... So hopefully it's not safe for moles!

Another large box stood near bye. This was easy to was a crate of wine that Davd must have ordered before he took sick. I can't possibly lift it so removing the bottles three at a time looks the only way, providing no one has found them first! I'll look at first light...we did once find a tramp asleep in there but it's a bit cold for dossing down at the moment!

Most of my presents have now arrived I hope....just a couple more and I've cracked it....whether they will all get wrapped is still a question mark....

There are some compensations for all the angst though!

By my front door last night when I got home was a real treat. A friend had left me her home made Christmas pudding with instructions on how to warm it up!

You see there is still a God!

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