Thursday, 19 December 2013


Approaching Christmas this year is different. David got upset because he hadn't bought presents for everyone so I drove him to the local coop in the early morning, parked outside and helped him shop! The bottom line is that if you are tee total you won't like your present much this year!

The young manager helped us out to the car with crates of booze !

I had taken the precaution of getting pretty things for the relating ladies but all the chaps will get bottles of wine!

I am now trying to convince David that he does not need to cater to his usual list of people to give prezzies to. They will all understand under the circumstances...

I bought my things over the internet which has been my preferred choice for years now....

I even solved the wrapping problem this year...I sent for party bags....glittery things I can put presents in instead of getting everything thoroughly messed up with sticky tape and torn paper...I know my limitations!

Buying a wheel chair has once again been mentioned...David wants a trip into Truro to get my present and the only way he could get anywhere would be with wheels! ..I have told him the best present for me this year is him, alive and smiling at me...but he persists.

My solution to this has been hard thought out. I have ordered a pretty pendant....paid for it of course and then I will put it into one of my sparkling bags and tell him it's what he bought me!

Most of the time I could get away with that.

Much will depend on his state of mind on Christmas morning....with any luck he will not realise it's actually a present from me to me. Bless him....he really doesn't need anything else to worry about right now! Hic!



  1. Who said diplomacy was dead?
    How you still have the energy not only to do all you have to do, but also to pre-empt David's efforts at taking over the world I really do not know.
    Whatever your secret, more power to your elbow, you really are a bit of a wonder.X