Friday, 27 December 2013

Stair lifts

We are in new territory yet again. David is no longer able to get up and down the stairs so remaining upstairs is a necessity. An ambulance will take him to the hospital every day for his treatment. After that we shall see. I have arranged for two stair lift firms to come and talk to us.....

As our sitting room is upstairs and looks out on a glorious view there are worse places to be confined to but hopefully by the time his treatment is complete he will be able to use the lift!

My mind goes back to the time when David and I were getting to know each other. I told a friend in the village where his house was. He said immediately, "Thats where the man with the lift in his garden lives! " This was news to me but I didn't visualise the actuality.

There were 53 steps up to the front door of his house! The stair lift of an outside variety could be sent down by pressing a button at the top. Somehow they hadn't thought of a button at the bottom!

Getting back up by lift was a complicated manoeuvre which I never fully got the hang of! We lived there for 18 months and I never ever used the lift except for putting heavy bags on it!

Crispin used to occasionally look at it with obvious intent but it was often out of order and we left it to the tender mercies of the next owner where it suffered an early bath!

I am sure that an inside one here will be used by both of us, to carry trays of food if nothing else!

We are we know exceptionally lucky to be able to do this. But we neither of us feel very lucky right now especially as the heating has gone wrong too! We are aware that the chances of getting anyone to fix it is very it's thick woollies all round!



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