Monday, 2 December 2013

Tesco at Christmas! Arghhhh!

On the premise that if it can happen to me it can also happen to you I am posting what is a cautionary tale.

Last week I booked my Christmas slot at was to be delivered on Monday 22 December. I included regular items, intending to go back later as is usual.

They arrived yesterday morning, Monday 2 December just three weeks early!

I took them in. They were things I often buy but when I looked on the website I realised I'd lost my place....there was no reserved order for the 22cnd.

This prompted a phone call. The young man was polite but couldn't help....he had no idea how this could have happened. But the advice was to go online and book another one.

The only one I could get was on the Sunday before Christmas...

I didn't get an email telling me this had been booked so I rang back! Yes they had it, they would give me my order number....

I then changed my email address in my account to be doubly certain they had it right!

All this took time and during the process my husband tried to ask me where his breakfast croissant was.

I was in the middle of all the various phone options at the time so I didn't pay too much attention. I should have done....the lovely almond croissant was black when I ultimately recovered it! It was very teeth could have got through it .

By this time my anxiety about our Christmas delivery gave way to anger. I am cross! I stuck to the rules. Did everything right , even joined their priority delivery plan . Now they explain they are unable to modify their rules so that I can't get my originally booked slot back.

I sent them an email........ A letter of complaint....waiting.......



  1. Are there other stores that deliver? We won't use Toscos, DH had bad experience with their attitude in business, but we are fortunate with wide choice of stores that deliver, although we haven't used any yet. Next door 81 year old, lived on her own, would go online and order from Sainsbury's! ensure you spent enough for free delivery and knew that if deliveries weren't made in right time slot she could obtain compensation.

    The buyers of her home were amused to see her looking at Windows 8 for dummies when they were viewing her property, we knew to email her rather than telephone when we were checking she was ok! Now she has moved to be nearer family, fortunately new family as just as quiet and pleasant as her.

    Mmm, come away from home deliveries, which we consider an update to boy on a bike delivering an order given to Home & Colonial or David Greig's.

    My thoughts are with you and David.

  2. By the time I got messed around by Tesco it was too for Sainsburies....I do use both of them because we are a long way out in the country but I might not bother with Tesco in future!

  3. oh we've had similar issues in the past and every time they told me it was my fault even though I was sure it wasn't. Not great customer service that's for sure. In the end we switched to Sainsburys for a while. Eventually I went back as the cost via Sainsburys was so much higher!

  4. We do use Sainsburys as well but thought we'd give Tesco a go! Ha!