Thursday, 2 January 2014

An appalling week!

The first post yesterday morning was very dark so I substituted an easy reading version.....which was just as well because David improved later!

This week, the first of the year has seen us confronting one disaster after another....I can't keep on moaning...I have started to sound like the Greek woman whose name escapes me..... who always thought the end was nigh! Cassandra. I think!

On Monday the wind blew , the rain fell and the radiators remained cold..

The trip to the hospital took all day. We were exhausted on reaching home! And cold!

On Tuesday the two men in the house fell over each other, one trying to get the heating sorted , the other measuring us up for a stair lift! Chaos ensued .

On Wednesday we realised that most radiators were still cold. By this time we were almost past caring. Just as night fell the electricity went off! Trying to find the trip switch in the dark defeated us both. David collapsed in the attempt and I thought he was going to die he was so ilI . I had to ring a tall friend for help!

On Thursday the chair lift men came back to do a digital survey. Don't ask! Two of them took up position on the stairs so that no one could go up or down. I set up a camp kitchen in the spare room!

David's medication from the hospital ran out. A friend went to collect it for him and realised we needed a wheel chair...! Off he went! He and his wife got one from the Red Cross in Truro, ready for today!

The weather forecast for today is rain, gales and flooding..I checked early. The ferry is not working! It's a long way round by road!

When a few posts back I said I was expecting a plague of frogs it was a joke. Really it was...

So David has his second dose of radium today . Weather permitting! A temporary stir lift should be in place when we get home but right now I am not confident.... Lord, hear our prayer!



  1. Prayers and love from me too. And "moaning" is something you never do.x

  2. bless you your tribulations bring me to tears x

  3. Prayers- and pour out your pain and frustrations here, knowing people love you, understand and will pray.

  4. Thank you all very much...We are home from the hospital in good order and have a two day rest before tackling the next one!

  5. Go ahead and moan and grouse - you certainly have good reason. And it helps to vent a little.

    I hope you feel surrounded by love and prayers.

    1. I do Abbie, people are wonderful!