Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Done migrating!

I go back to a previous statement.....there are so many agencies involved in care that it's totally confusing as to who is responsible for what!

In my diary for today I have an appointment with a name I don't recognize . I have no Idea who this person is or what she's coming for......

I have made the point several times now that most of the decisions being made on my husbands behalf are by people who have never been to the house and are presuming its a normal lay out.....

It's not. It's an old farmhouse, not particularly pretty and with some strange features...nothing they decide from a distance is going to work here. So I am glad someone is coming ...but I've no idea what for!

David was much better yesterday. He is lucid most of the time though he has astonishing lapses of memory.

I read him an email yesterday from friends who we met on our various cruises. He smiled seraphically when they said they would raise a glass to him in the bar looking out to sea....a moment later he asked if I had packed our must be time to fly to LA!

It occurred to me then that every year till now we have escaped the winters here by flying or sailing off to warmer climes! Our migrating like the swallows is now done! There are much worse places to be grounded in though...the daffodils are pushing up, primroses are in flower..there are huge fat buds on the camellias....

We've missed the best bits of Spring for quite a while we shall enjoy what we can whilst we the knowledge that we have been extremely fortunate to be able to travel the world in our old age but that now our migrating days are over there are many compensations right here in Cornwall!

There is still so much to be grateful for...thank you God!

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  1. Love your daily updates and learning how confusing it must be. You're quite right about people making assumptions about your circumstances and doing it from a distance is patently the wrong thing to do.

    I hope that you soon are able to make sense of what's going on and that David is able to come home with the support you need to cope.