Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Facebook trends.

Facebook has never been my idea of a good social net working site. I stay with it to stay in touch with friends of many years. Scrabble is an excellent way of doing that.
There is now a growing trend to ask people to "like" things...small animals, sick people needing help, beautiful photographs. The "like " button is useful for all of that but lately and almost every day someone writes something about illness, depression, cancer, poverty. They post it on to their wall and then ask other people to copy and paste it to show solidarity.
Then comes the dangerous bit in my opinion. They say they know who will paste it and who won't. The inference here is that if you don't you are somehow unsympathetic towards what ever is under discussion.
I have never copied and pasted, not because I don't care about whatever is the subject but because right now in my life more important things are happening which I am not going to talk about or ask other people to share..and the whole Idea that this would help anyone suffering in any way is just daft. It is a cheap bit of sensationalism in my opinion.
I find this whole trend very unwholesome and I'm not joining in. Sorry.
Could it not be taken as a given that all of us sympathise with  people who are sick, in pain or disturbed. We don't have to demonstrate it every day!
Posting beautiful, touching things is the only saving grace for me in Facebook.


  1. Totally agree Jean. I suspect there are more sinister motives afoot, connected with advertising. Facebook is all about money and people forget that. We should resist emotional all blackmail and look to communicate the positive stuff. (Photos of dogs, anyone?). Pat R.

    1. Dog pictures...particularly of Alfie suit me fine!