Sunday, 19 January 2014

Life's fragments!

Today may well be a challenge. Once again everything is happening at the same time.

I got home from the nursing home yesterday to find a message to the effect that the mobility chair is coming today! Good news but....

This is also the day the builder has elected to move his stuff from the barn! Once again the parking spaces around our house are going to be a bit full!

Last night around ten pm I started moving furniture.

Our sitting room now looks completely different . I have tried not to block the views from the windows but two sofas and a seriously big chair take some organising bearing in mind that there also has to be wheel chair access to it!

It's as though all the fragments of our life have been thrown up into the air and are coming down in unexpected places!

It will be a great relief to get the rubbish out of our barn. I took pics yesterday of all the ghastly furniture , the paint, the debris on the carpet, the piled up junk and the month old bottle still full of milk going sourly clotted!

The mess in there is indescribable. David wept when I showed him the pictures......

It will take some time to get it all out! With my luck the van with the new chair will arrive in the middle of it all!

Add to this the need to visit my love in the next village and it looks like a challenging day!

A care package has now been put into place.... Two carers will come in twice a day to get him up and then back into bed later!

The chair installed and attached to a power point is hopefully the last piece of the jig saw in the plan to get him home safe and happy.

I am not expecting everything to go smoothly...but by the end of the day we should have made some progress...please God!


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