Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Mobility advice!

It is Wednesday night and it was a most exhausting day. We had three appointments at the hospital. Each one involved a waiting time to see the various people. We were both very tired when we reached home and it soon became obvious that David was much worse than usual.
I made us a ready meal and he really didn't want it but he tried to eat and then he went to bed. This was a massive effort involving a walk of around six yards.
The poor man then slept for about two hours...before struggling up to get to the loo!
During the course of all this the phone rang. It went dead before we could answer it twice. When it rang again it was someone who had been asked to help with David's mobility. I told her that she couldn't come on Friday because we were back at the hospital that day. She then asked about the times of our appointments...and failed to grasp that once there, no time table was was anyone's guess when we would get home!
She then made suggestions of things that we could do! A wheel chair was one. We already had one. Consider moving his bed downstairs was another which meant I had to explain the layout of the house to her!
I know she meant well but just then when all we wanted to do was sleep it was inconvenient to say the least particularly as we'd already adopted all of her suggestions as sheer common sense.
OK I'm getting crusty in my old age but I really wish that people would help on the basis of asking us what we needed not what they think we should need, particularly people who have not met us and who have no idea of the house we live in!
Fellow feeling for those I visit regularly is becoming a reality . I am frequently patronised as the wife of a very sick patient but those whose job is to help the sick in their own homes really need to think a situation through before giving advice!
Amen and good night!
I may not post this but it feels better for having been expressed!

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  1. Well, you obviously feel a little better for posting it :)

    I don't have any practical advice as you seem to have it all covered, apart from please, please look after yourself as well as David, because this must really be draining your strength?

    Prayers as always and love and hugs [*] {{{Hugs}}}