Monday, 13 January 2014

Night anxieties.

It was inevitable I suppose that my body clock would go hay wire in all the recent events. I was in bed by nine last night and woke several times in the night worrying about all sorts of things but mostly about getting David home from the care home!

He is only supposed to be there for a few days but I am aware that this could take longer depending on how he is from day to day. This has now become an anxiety to set beside all the others!

Getting the heating sorted out remains top of the list. If anyone knows anything about either " Green Homes" or magna sweep please get in touch!

Getting my car moved should happen this morning. If we can get it started!

Getting the intrusive builder out of the barn sooner rather than later!

Trying to make sure I'm here when the various help agencies arrive to sort out the care packages. I didn't write down times because I knew I would be here all day but visiting David is now top of my agenda!

There are other concerns on the night time worry list but the ones listed above give the picture!

Praying that now the treatment is finished David will start to get stronger again....both mentally and physically.

In the larger scheme of things the only one that really matters is the last item on the list! The others are just annoyances. But with Gods help we can do it all.


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  1. [*] and {{Hugs}} so much going on, David is obviously the priority, but the other worries must be nagging at you and sapping your strength. I hope that you're able to eat properly and to take care of yourself. So much relies upon you continuing to be healthy.