Saturday, 4 January 2014

Now resting!

Yesterday was a successful day! Exhausting but good.

The ambulance men arrived early and took us by surprise. They had travelled round by road but just been told that the ferry was working again....this makes a huge difference to any trip to Truro. The car ferry gets us across the Fal and saves miles of road to go round! It is literally a life saver! They stop everything to get an ambulance across .

The wheel chair made a massive difference at the hospital too and having kept our appointment in Cardiology and had our therapy in the Sunrise Centre the next ambulance brought David home, crossing a very turbulent river with us in the car behind! The chains holding the ferry had to work hard and it took several attempts to stop the violent swinging....but we did it and were home by early afternoon!

And there was the temporary chair lift installed and ready to go!

It's not's two chair lifts actually but the ambulance men were very glad to have it in place. Getting David back upstairs was much easier than the first time!

We came to bed very early indeed and we slept! Thank you God.

Without the help of some very good friends this exercise would I think have been impossible. Everyone here is helping....offers of driving me are just wonderful...and the most unlikely people are proving to be angels in disguise!

Today is a very quiet day by comparison. And tomorrow there is time to try to reflect on all the good things happening around us before we start again on Monday.


  1. [*] ongoing for you and David. Lovely to hear of people rallying around to help, it proves my contention that good can be found in the most unlikely places and people. Thanks be to God :)

  2. So very glad that you have had one problem-free day, (must be some sort of record).
    I'm also very glad that you local 'angels' are beginning to appear, knowing from experience how enormous a difference that makes.
    Two down. Onward and upward.