Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Old films.

During this period of waiting, small things become large.

I thought one of the books I bought David for Christmas was being read as he takes it with him where ever he goes. But it's not....he never gets beyond the first chapter!

Sitting about all day must be boring. He gives reading the news paper a shot but falls asleep after turning the first page so I have started turning on the TV!

During this festive period there have been many good films on in the afternoon so I now joke about afternoon matinees and look to see what's on.

We have watched some weird stuff....Seven Brides for Seven brothers held his attention best! He has never watched afternoon TV in his entire life and I am not sure he's watching it now! He sleeps through most of it anyway!

Yesterday we put on an old war film and I fell asleep to the sound of machine gunning and woke an hour later to the same sound! Not comfortable viewing!

Today should see us back to normal with any luck..I don't think either of us can cope with any more films!

I have joked about reading to him but today might be the day to try....there is a huge brain in there's time to start feeding the undamaged bit I think!

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