Sunday, 5 January 2014

Once more into the breach!

We are ready...for whatever the day brings! The day outside sounds fairly quiet compared to the last week or so. The ferry says it's running far!

Once the ambulance men arrives we are in their safe hands and this takes much of the strain away.....

I have got a fridge full of ready dinners for this week....trying to cook after a whole day of appointments and consultations is the time we get home all we want to do is sleep!

One problem to be solved is acquiring some actual money! I have used my cards for most things but sometimes cash is required....the cash machine at the hospital is a very long way from the clinic we are attending..but I will find a way soon!

David has been very tired over the weekend but is facing this week with determination to get his therapy done and start mending. His courage is tremendous and an inspiration to me and all his family. Physically though he is getting weaker day by day and I fear for him...and for me...and for them...the mental courage and the strength of character he has had all his life is now being sapped by the realisation that the strong body is for the first time not able to cope with the strain!

We are in Gods hands...I am aware of all the prayers being offered but maybe asking for a miracle is a step too far...

As with all my loved ones and those I care for in the parish I pray for the best possible outcome...and this is something only God knows.

At the start of this new week I pray as always for us enough blogging...let's get on with the work!


  1. [*] for you both today and always. You are an inspiration to me. I'm to visit a friend whose wife died two weeks ago on the operating table. He is in Limbo waiting for an inquest and they won't release Ann's body for burial. He also doesn't know what has gone wrong? Can't get a death certificate to get on with organising Ann's affairs - it's been a nightmare two weeks for him and the rest of their family.

    1. Now the holidays are over they should be able to get on with the paper work…my prayers with you and them!