Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Practical Christianity.

David has been very tired indeed since our last trip to hospital. Today we are there again. Another dose of radio therapy is waiting for him.
So far this morning there is no sign of bad weather. No wind or rain....yet!
We are getting used to it all now....everything is efficient and everyone is helpful....
I am fortunate in being taken. I don't have to drive or look for parking places which is wonderful and very kind. We don't travel in the ambulance...we either follow behind or see them there.
Today may be a little longer....we are seeing the oncologist after the treatment.
David asked the nurse in charge of the treatment if she could talk to him whilst it's in progress....the first time he felt much too much alone even though he knew they were there, outside .
She did talk to him through a microphone on her desk. Waiting for him I could hear  her as she talked him through....she reassured him every step of the way, told him how well he was doing and when they had passed the half way point.
He came out feeling much better about the whole thing.... It was a little thing but it meant a lot to him and to me as I heard everything she said to him!
And that really is the message of the day....small things, words of love or encouragement, a pat on the hand to give reassurance, a kiss on the cheek.....they mean so much both to the patient and the patients wife....I am overwhelmed by the kindness shown to me as we take this journey together....my friend Cynthia has booked up people to take me to the hospital every time, pressing her husband and another member of the congregation to take her place when she can't do it.
I will never be able to repay these acts of kindness...they are well above the call of duty...they are practical Christianity working between people of faith.....thank you God!


  1. That is the beauty of a Christian community doing what we are called to be. To love one another, to help and support one another and to read of it in action at a time of trauma for David and for you is wonderful.

    [*'] ongoing as always.

  2. I'm so glad you are reaping the rewards of your love and kindness to others.
    As they say "what goes around comes around".
    I hope today was easier on both of you. X