Friday, 17 January 2014

Solving more problems.

Last night.

I think you could safely call me either a fool or totally incompetent tonight , the bottom line is that we can't manage at home unless two very strong men move in with us!

I am distraught so I will stop now until something better happens!


Having brought David home yesterday I now find we really can't manage him at home. He is so weak he has to be helped to do everything...And I can't manage it on my own....he is just too big!

I have to ask the nursing home if they can please have him back!

The trouble with that is that I need two strong men to get him up, dressed, get him down stairs and into a car!

Failing that he will have to stay in bed and so get even weaker!

Two local men came out last night and were wonderful...but it was a strain on them too! An ex GP plus an ex solicitor must have better things to do!

As yet I have no clear idea what I can do! Except shout for help very loudly!


Help duly arrived in the shape of the district nurse, one of David's sons and the local GP. The phone rang on and off all morning...and the bottom line is that David is going back to the nursing home for a week! Maybe longer depending on how things go!

Whilst he is being safely looked after the house will be made ready for him. Already it looks like a bomb hit it but that's minor compared to how very weak he is.....

Many thanks for all your prayers and good wishes!


  1. Oh Dear Jean, I'm every so sorry that David hasn't the strength at present to help with his own care. But the blessing is that those kind people have helped you so much.

    While David is in the Nursing home, at least you will have a little respite and time to make arrangements for when he is strong enough to come home.

    Please, please take care of yourself !!!

    [*] {{{Hugs}}} and {{{Love}}} for you and for David.

  2. What a massive problem Jean. It is so good that the nursing home is able to take him.
    The best will in the world can't give you the sheer muscle power to move a big heavy man. Been there.
    As Ernie has said, it will hopefully give you a chance to recuperate a little too.
    Prayers continue.
    Love and hugsX