Thursday, 30 January 2014

Thank you blog!

Lots of people really don't understand the point of blogging....I often get told it would be better to stop it.

To stop would be like telling someone to stop breathing....or eating....It is a necessary part of any day for me!

I suppose that the people worried by the blog mean stop publishing it. And that I could do but then I would miss the reactions.....which are wonderful.

This week it has actually been useful. Despite the best efforts of me and the family to find someone to sort out the heating most of the radiators remain anxiety when contemplating a seriously sick man coming home!

Finally the manufacturers of this new system offered to find people locally to sort it out but the nearest was Somerset!

In the meanwhile a friend in Truro saw my plea for help in this blog. She emailed me with the phone number of a more local man who knew about "The magna sweep" I have now spoken to him and he not only knows the system, he also knows the man who invented it!

Eureka.....he's coming this morning!

The other big plus is also the prayer and good wishes coming our way. I am very grateful for it all and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I can cope with the spam and the rest of the rubbish even when things are very black indeed in the face of all the positivity coming my way.

Thank you blog......and also God of course!


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