Thursday, 23 January 2014

Upside down house!

Finally! Someone came to look at the house! He got lost of course but then everyone does that. The sat nav sends everyone down the wrong's just one of life's smaller complications but we are used to the phone calls that start, "I'm lost"

The house was not what this man was expecting....he stood in the corridor running from the front door and pointed to a door.

"What's this room? " he asked.

"My office" long pause......."Office? "

I explained. Then I showed him the dining room and the kitchen. Normality was just creeping in when he noticed another room.

"What's that one used for?"

"Well just now it's where I keep the wheelchair and the Zimmer frame. But actually it's David's office "

He looked at me....." He's got an office too? " Ok study, it's his study....a small room covered with books, photographs and peculiar brass instruments I have no knowledge of!

Normality returned when we went upstairs. Here are our sitting room, bedroom, loo plus David's dressing room. Well not quite normal.....especially the panoramic views from every window!

He did a bit of measuring, asked if we owned the house or was it a vicarage? Relieved to find we owned it he then outlined plans to put grab rails in strategic positions, mostly in the bathroom...

Clearly non plussed by the whole thing especially when he found my camp kitchen in the spare bedroom room, he went off muttering....he would try to get a care package in place for next week....

I feel slightly more confidence in this plan now someone has actually looked at the house! Fingers crossed time...again!



  1. Why is it that officialdom in all its many forms has such a limited vocabulary.? Any word not on their list causes alarm and consternation.
    John hated the word study, considered it pretentious so his hobby/working space (actually the back bedroom) was always called his office.
    That is what I still call it, but half the population appears to think that pretentious.
    Must we throw away the thesaurus and return to one word for one object?
    At least Jean, it looks as though he has started working out a plan.
    Praying there will be no complications this time.
    Blessings and loveX

  2. I suspect that we're lucky to live in a terraced, three up and three down house, Victorian with the bathroom behind the kitchen. No room for a study and such. Another house along the terrace was described as a 'Workman's Cottage' in a rather patronising for sale blurb we saw.

    I actually like that concept, although, I'm no longer working. :)

    [*] and {{{Hugs}}} ongoing for you and David and I sincerely hope that you're able to bring him home soon.