Saturday, 18 January 2014

Who does what?

Every thing is quiet now. The upheaval having been accomplished we are very still and in a period of waiting.

I managed to sleep last night, touched by some kind words on the phone during the evening.....

A long time ago I bought on special offer the entire set of CDs of "The West Wfing" I never got David interested . The dialogue mystified him so I only ever watch them on my own. Last night I did three episodes one after an other before coming to bed....they are still very good value!

I am thinking about going to church later but I know I would be overwhelmed by kind people so I will stay at home and go into the nursing home later. It's a very weird Sunday!

The builder is coming to move his stuff from our barn on Monday! Result! I need to be here lest more rubbish gets dumped on our garden and I need to get the key back from him when he's progress is being made there too!

Small details, like ordering track suit bottoms instead of proper pants , taking easily washed cardigans to the nursing home are all on the list for today! David was very worried yesterday lest his good woollies got put into a washing machine! I told him I would bring them home and hand wash them here! It's tiny details like this, in themselves totally unimportant in the greater scheme of things that exercise the brain in the middle of the night!

It feels as though progress is being made though. Please God we are finding our way one step at a time through the maze that is now the NHS. It's been split into various small agencies I am finding as I go along...who funds what seems to be the main bone of contention....Continuing care providers , first response units, MacMillan nurses, district nurses....there are so many different organisations involved these days, each one doing a brilliant job but not necessarily working in harmony with each other...

I am grateful for all the help coming my way....and eventually I will get my head around whose who and what they do!


  1. [*] for you in this time of suspense until David comes home. It all sounds horribly complicated, but probably makes sense to them?

    Please take care of yourself as well!!!

  2. I hope you are able to get some rest during this time - not easy I know. Prayers for you and David