Friday, 10 January 2014

With the help of God and kind friends.

David is exhausted. I am tired. Hopefully it's all leading to a better life for him as the radium zaps his tumour. We have only one more treatment to go on Monday .....having the weekend off is good.

It's a very different David now than when we started. Yesterday he was too tired to eat his meal and had to go straight to bed. He is sleeping much of the time now .

All we can hope is that after the last treatment he will start to pick up again but right now it's not looking too good!

I have put off all the kind people offering to come and chat with him. Right now he just needs to sleep!

Without the support of friends and family we would be in a much worse condition . Practical help in the shape of people driving me too and from the hospital has been generously given and has made a massive difference. As the friend from yesterday said, I don't need the hassle of driving at peak times and then having to hunt for parking we have followed the ambulance, been there to reassure David after every journey and they have been wonderfully supportive friends!

I came to bed at eight o'clock last night when David was getting naturally I'm awake very early now but it gives me time to think, to pray and to blog!

The next move is to bleed the radiators that have gone cold even though I've left the boiler on constant!

By bleeding the key ones every day I can keep the temperature in the house far!

Life right now is a question of survival, nothing more or less...I think we can do this...and I quote from the service of ordination...."With the help of God, I can"



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  1. [*] Prayers ongoing for you both. It takes time for stuff to work, so hoping that once the treatment is completed that David will experience some recovery and healing.