Friday, 7 February 2014

A second night.

Having spent a second night with David at the nursing home I have come home very early to shower and change....
My admiration for the people who run the home goes up every day...they have kept watch with me during the night, increasing the medication when it was necessary...and they treat everyone with loving care...
Yesterday when too many people tried to come in and talk they kept them at bay by putting up a notice asking them to respect our privacy. This is sensitivity of a very high standard...and I am grateful for it.
I know that David is in safe hands...but I will go back as soon as I have sorted things out here.

It is over!


  1. Know that you are surrounded by love and prayers day and night. X

  2. Oh love...I'm so very sorry.
    May D rest in peace and rise in glory and may the Love that has held you through all of this strengthen you for the days ahead.
    Holding you in prayer

  3. Oh Jean We are so sorry, Bless him may he rest in peace now. and may the Good Lord look after you in your hour of need. Our thought and prayers are with you both xx

  4. Oh Jean we are so sad for you both.
    May David rest in peace and the Good Lord look after you in your hours of need xx

  5. No words can express how sorry I feel for you but glad that david si at peace. May our loving Lord Jesus hold you very close at this time

  6. Prayers that David rests in peace and rises in glory - and that people closer to you do what practical things you need as those of us further away offer virtual hugs and prayer xx

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