Friday, 28 February 2014

Back to the West Wing!

It is a matter of fairly common knowledge to those who know me that if I am depressed, upset or grieving for any reason I have a fail safe! It's my default position for being a widow....I watch things on the TV I wouldn't have dreamt of watching with anyone else. .

All sorts of soap come my way...and then there are the things David would never watch... Medical drama, Newsnight, the early morning radio on BBC 4.

When all else fails I return to "The West Wing" having started at the beginning when David went into a nursing home , I am now on the fourth series...and it never fails...the writing is clever, the characters complex and the Democrate ethos appeals enormously!

Yesterday someone asked me what it was about...I replied "American politics"

This was clearly not expected but as I slowly work my way through the various plots I love the characters and the way the story lines evolve. I suspect anything written by Sorkin would always get my vote.

Neither David got into's a very personal thing...

Both watched one episode with me and remained firmly convinced that it was unintelligible....which it was, to them! I think it's something you can't pick up half way have to give your ears a little time to adjust to the language being delivered by the protagonists!

What ever it is now what I watch at bed time most doesn't get me to bed happy but it does give the brain a bit of a work out just when I don't want to be too aware of sleeping alone!


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