Sunday, 23 February 2014

Bleeping chair lift!

I am now in organising mode....returning borrowed stuff is taking energy but I have mostly done it now...

This means I must now tackle the worst thing I'm left with from this desperate period of trying to get David home and safe.....the stair lift....

The firm were speedy, they did everything I asked of them. They put a temporary system of chair lifts in place during David's frequent trips to the hospital . This temporary system worked better than the final edition they left me with.

David has never used it. It was installed two days before he died...I knew when they left it that it was inconvenient at best, ugly and noisy at worst.

I am not using it takes minutes to set up by which time I have walked up and down. All it's been used for this week was to carry the laundry down the stairs!

The noise as the thing sets itself up is that of screaming metal....enough to set teeth on edge....

The worst thing is the bleeping. It bleeps continually whilst in motion but carries on whilst it waits to be returned to the right if you send it down and know it's going back up after, for instance after the washing machine has been filled and just sits and bleeps.

The worst thing though was during the power cut we had last shouts, red lights flash to tell me there's no power.....if there's no power for everyone then clearly the machine is busy flattening it's own battery in order to warn me!

This monster has to be sorted out and today is the first day I feel up to a rant! I have paid for it in full, a decision I now regret...

Had he lived the continual bleeping would have driven David mad.... Now it's just driving me's been an expensive mistake!


  1. Such a shame that something designed to help, is such a nuisance. Is there any way of turning off the noises without totally disabling the working parts? Perhaps disconnecting the speaker would help?

    It all sounds horribly modern and badly fitted, surely the machinery should be smooth and silent, not noisy and grinding? The only one that I have experience off was gracefully silent apart from a slight swishing sound as it went up and down (well oiled probably).

    I hope that you're able to resolve the issues - otherwise I can see a discarded stair life ending up in the barn :(

    Prayers and {{{Hugs}}} Continue here.

  2. If you have no way of getting a refund of any kind and you cannot live with the beast, is there perhaps a local care home who might be able to use it?
    My late aunt had one installed less than 6 months before her death and when I talked to her solicitor about it he said when the house was sold it would be scrapped. John and I then (we were her executors), then instructed the solicitor to find a local charity who could remove it and use it. This he did, much to our relief and I'm sure my aunt would have approved.
    Just a thought.

  3. Our system has been custom built to go around corners in an ancient old wouldn't fit anywhere else I'm afraid. But the people who installed it are coming tomorrow to try to fix some of it....fingers crossed!