Saturday, 22 February 2014


I have thought long and hard about getting to church this morning. We have an early morning BCP communion. The winter congregation is around eight so it's a number I can deal with...I think.

I often take this service so I know everyone well but when David started his illness I used to take him with me...

Then I stopped presiding and sat with him, helping him up to the altar rail.

The last time we went it was an obvious struggle for him....

It's those memories that may stop me going.....but they have to be faced.

During David's stay in the nursing home I took communion with him fairly frequently still not realising how close he was to death...

To share communion is an important part of Christian teaching, to re enact the last supper as Christ asked us to do..."Do this in memory of me"

If I go I'll weep. If I don't go I'll weep...

Decision taken....I'm going.


  1. Praying that the simple act of communion will feed your soul at this very difficult time, and that weeping or not you will have felt close to God and to David in that place.

    1. I feel a lot better for going and my tears were easy to mop up...thank you!

  2. A very brave step Jean. The next one will be easier.
    You were included in my prayers at St. M's this morning.
    Love X