Thursday, 27 February 2014

Driving in the dark!

I have become nervous of driving at night. This is hard to admit I afraid....I never used to be but now I am. The two places I've been invited to in the last week were not places I'd been before so I had no idea of the parking... And that's my excuse.......If I need one!

I've tried to track back to when night driving became problematic...and it was easy.... It was bringing David out of hospital in the dark a few months ago....I was driving David's car and had no idea where the light switches were...or how to flick the head lights on and off.....I frightened David I'm afraid and that's the bit that disturbs me now...and prevented me from being confident enough to drive myself last night.

I suppose looking back I had become very lazy...David enjoyed driving and always offered to drive me to wherever I was going...and I was happy to let saved looking for parking spots!

I'm fine now driving his car...heaven knows I've had enough practice.

I have also now found the "automatic " button! This amounts to magic....left on automatic the windscreen wipers switch on at the first drop of rain on the windscreen. The side lights come on all on their own when it goes dark...there may be more to discover yet but those will do for the moment!

Parking is much easier because of the power steering..I'd forgotten how much easier it was to drive an automatic but I'm getting used to it all again.

I will get myself to the next night invitation....I will get my confidence time...I'll just try not to frighten the horses whilst I'm doing it!


  1. It's difficult driving at night - I don't like the glare from headlights, those drivers who inconsiderately drive on full beam. And, as you say, you get out of practice unless you drive regularly in the dark.

    Prayers that your confidence is restored and {{{Hugs}}} because you deserve them.

  2. I am not a lover of driving at night, but since Ron has stopped driving needs must. I started by gritting the teeth and saying 'I can do this'
    I have also a sun shield extension and it can also be used to help wiith the glare of headlights. However the biggest help was moving the driving mirror so as I wasn't being dazzled by cars behind me.
    Stick at it Jean. You can do this xx