Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Enough God.

It was never my intention to become a sort of tragic or anxious figure but events seem to be overthrowing my intentions.....

Since David got really sick we have had other multiple problems to sort out....the heating, the workshop in the barn, my damaged car etc.....

Slowly one by one I've tackled them, not always successfully but by and large progress has been made....

Tonight we have had another storm. Huge massive winds...pouring, driving rain plus no electricity for a while...

I found the candles and reflected on the advent of the plague of frogs! What on earth else could go wrong?

Most people have to cope with much worse things...having your home flooded is tragic. But it's the way everything is piled up. During the power cut the new stair lift bleeped continually. This would drive us both crazy during any lengthy period! Fortunately it didn't last too long. In the old days before they buried the cable we would have been lacking power for days! So that's something to be grateful for!

I found myself praying tonight that I wouldn't have to go out in this weather but knew that if a call came from the nursing home I would have to go...and then I remembered that in that village the power lines are still overhead.....

The villages along the coast here are being lashed by massive storms. A newly refurbished hotel is flooded tonight with huge waves breaking over it! .

Many people are much worse than us right now. ..so .enough God...we get it!

We will try to do better in future!


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  1. It really is beginning to feel personal isn't it Jean. The awful weather seems to show no sign of abating and from this (safe) distance the newsreel pictures look like a Hollywood epic. How long the poor people directly affected can survive this continued assault is of huge concern.
    There is nothing useful i can say about your own wretched circumstances, so will simply continue to pray for you both.
    Much loveX