Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Good love

No words can ever express my feelings today. So this is last nights poem.


The love we shared was a good love

We hurt no one, least of all each other

We shared joy and laughter

Hope and fear

And pooled our humour

And endeavours

Travelling side by side in life.

We saw the world, built memories,

Visions for the future


Now one of us has to travel alone

But the other will be there in spirit, seeing my sorrow

Knowing it is temporary

And joy will come again

And the beauty of our love will last forever.


But tomorrow is your funeral

Dearest love

Your funeral David.


  1. Powerful and evocative words. [*] and {{{Hugs}}} will be thinking of you all today - hope that you at least get some clear weather and not to hazardous.

  2. Can't find the words Jean.
    Thinking of you. K.

  3. Beautiful words. Blessings on you and all who mourn with you today.