Tuesday, 25 February 2014


The bleeping stair lift has been sorted! I have been let into the arcane secrets of the lift experts...the whole system is now much more user friendly! Which is just as well as I now have a bad knee. This is not a recent developement....this is an old affliction from many years ago which returns to visit me occasionally.

Somewhere in the eighties the first David and I had a cabin cruiser.. He was its captain. I the mate...in theory. One hot summers day he said "Jump" and I crashed into the landing stage and twisted my knee...since when it has taken on a dark life of its own and returns to haunt me occasionally.

Going up stairs or ladders since has never been a problem, it's coming down them that often jars the knee...

At its worst it returns in full fury but mostly it can be lived with...

Kneeling in church for me is impossible....if I once get down I'd never get back up...

A friendly acupuncturist came to my ordination, needle at hand in case of need.. It behaved exceptionally well!

Now, the knee is in one of its awkward moods, the chair lift takes the strain with no bleeping bleeping...

There are other things they can do to complete the transformation from white elephant to magic carpet but this needs "parts"

The very kind man says he will return with them and then I can stop worrying....one less thing in a very long list!


  1. It sounds as though the magic carpet is going to be useful, Thank heaven it won't be wasted.
    I too have a dodgy knee and no longer kneel for the eucharist. It's a pity we can't buy spare parts for our failing joints.
    If they set up a joint replacement supermarket perhaps it could be called human resources. Or has that been used already?
    Love X

  2. Wonderful news!!

  3. I well remember Davis 'S' and Ron who were both prone to shouting 'JUMP'
    I eventually refused to take orders from someone who was 20 foot away from any action needed and cosy in his cockpit!!!!!

    1. I seem to remember one or two mutinies staged by us Babs. Say please ....your sweet request will remain with me got ever!