Saturday, 8 February 2014

Night ramblings

The wind howls. The rain lashes and it all fits my mood is as though the entire weather system has been programmed to be the perfect accompaniment to grief .

There are some sad ironies here. In this village a death is always displayed by the harbour master running the flag at half mast on the jetty. Not only is there no flag, there's no mast. The sea has taken one. And broken the other in two.

I have yet to venture into the village but I have seen the's waterlogged , full of rocks and seaweed the road is said to be well nigh impassable. Or was that yesterday?

The cycle of wind and rain coming in giant spinning waves is portrayed vividly by the weather maps...great horns of swirling wind right across the Atlantic! Just as well we are spending this winter at home!

Except we are not. I am. David has gone to His maker and I am glad he is now at peace and out of the pain that engulfed him at the end.

My new life starts here...on top of a windy cliff well known for its ability to cope with great gusts... We shall see if I am made of the same stern stuff.

The saying goes, "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger" If true I must be the strongest woman in the world!

I've not slept for two nights so I'm blogging instead of even trying tonight. There will be time for sleep soon.

Time to weep, time to rest and time to try to make sense of the complications that death brings.

The body is just an envelope. A much loved envelope but the essential spirit, the spark of light that contains my darlings essence has gone...he has risen in glory free of the earthly restraints that became so irksome for him in the end.

Rest in peace and rise in glory my dear dear love.



  1. No words that I can say will help you Jean, Your faith will be your rod and staff as it has been in the past. Just know that you are not alone...
    Our love and thoughts are with you all the time
    Much love xx

  2. Oh Jean!!! Your words are so powerful I'm sitting here, shedding the tears that you haven't be able to do so far. I can only wish that I could be there to hug you hard.

    I'm alongside you in spirit and prayer and will be thinking of you constantly as you deal with the things and I sincerely pray that your strength and fortitude is bouyed up by the Holy Spirit as you grieve for David and cope with the essential things that need to be done.

    I hope that David's son and the community gathers to surround you with love and consolation and that God's healing hands support you along the way to a different life from now on.

    May David Rest in Peace and Rise in Glory.

  3. You say so eloquently what is in your heart that nothing anyone else could say can add anything.
    Heaven knows you have more than enough experience of loss, you know so well the process of grieving. I wish I could be there to offer hugs in person.
    David is with God and free from pain may he rest in peace.
    Much loveX