Thursday, 6 February 2014

Sleeping over.

I am staying with David tonight. It's the first night I've spent in this village since we married. My old house is just around the corner. The view from here is the one
from my dining room.
It's very weird.
But I don't want to leave him now till he leaves me.
He cannot summon help any more so I need to be sure that if he needs it the pain relief will be on hand.
We are in the hands of God.

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  1. Prayers and love (and a few tears)

  2. [*] Prayers for you Jean as you go through this with David. Hoping against hope for the best, but knowing that might not be in God's plan.Into his hands I commend you both. Ernie.

  3. Can't find any words adequate to respond, really. Just to say I'm thinking of you, Jean xxx

  4. Please God,be very close to Jean and David. Help them to feel your love.

  5. Please God stay close to Jean and David. Hold them in your love

  6. Our Father who art in Heaven ..........

  7. We believe in an eternal,loving God,so there is always hope,even if we struggle to understand what that means in our present circumstances(Saturday's New Daylight reading).