Friday, 14 February 2014


Friday night

Tonight is the wildest yet....the wind is crashing against the windows and doors, joined occasionally by rain. Together they make a formidable team. I dread what I shall find in the was blowing too hard for me to stand up at tea time...

The small seaside towns are being battered relentlessly with homes, hotels and sea walls being cascaded under giant waves and it is half term...the first week of the year when the visitors come back!

The fields and lanes are flooded, no trains can reach us...only those with heavy vehicles should attempt it. But I know many people are coming for David's funeral next week. I pray they can all travel safely !

Saturday morning.

I have been up to see if there is any damage here. Remarkably we seem to be alright. It's still very windy but on opening the front door I was able to step outside to look up the garden. All the biggest trees are still standing...though the debris covers a large area!

Up here high on top of a cliff we are used to the wind....but yesterday's blast was the worst ever....most plants in pots have gone...pots are smashed, benches overturned, tables rest in ungainly positions....nothing I can't put right in time so we have been very lucky compared to the news from up country.

At least we are dry....our garden , cow pasture until 20 years ago is very well drained...the news of the flooding elsewhere is terrible.

Yesterday the ferry only worked in the afternoon the notices went up that it was unable to run! We drove the long way back from Truro past flooded fields and homes barricaded by sand bags..

I pray that today the wind and rain moderate and that some relief can be found but I have no confidence right now that my prayers are going to be answered. Just do your best Lord.

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