Monday, 10 February 2014

Stuff of soap opera.

Written yesterday.

My life is undergoing severe change right now and I think I know what's happened. When I wasn't looking someone picked me up and put me into a soap opera! The characters in Emmerdale and Corrie would feel perfectly at home in my life right now.

The latest episode involves tears and anger, disbelief , profound cold and of course the deep grief of losing my darling David.

The heating was fine this morning. The young man who understands my weird system had worked a small minor miracle and only two radiators were remaining stubbornly cold. I had a shower , got dressed, got onto the phone and paperwork and realised around lunch time that the house was chilly.

I rang the clever young man who thought there was a good chance that I'd run out of oil. A reasonable assumption since it had run on constant all through David's illness.

I got onto the phone and by some miracle our usual oil supplier arrived. He checked . I had half a tank!

Back to the soap opera...

I am now dressed in several layers . When I got visitors they did not comment on my expanded waist line. We just wept for David and they went.

A cold house, a full tank, an image like Lawrence of Arabia...what on earth is God trying to do to me?

I have several meetings here tomorrow...they will have to keep their coats on unless some small miracle occurs.

I do know that compared to many I am fortunate. We are dry! Perhaps I should whisper that just in case!

Today Tuesday.

Woken up around six am to the sound of another cataclysmic day!

The wind and rain batter the windows...yesterday was a respite compared to the gale blowing today.

I have collected up two hot water bottles to bring back to bed with me!

This morning I have visitors, the funeral director, my esteemed colleague who is taking the service , David's boys.......they are coming through appalling weather to get here to a cold house...... Lord have mercy....


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