Friday, 14 March 2014

A gentleman.

Yesterday felt like a normal day, the first one since last summer!

I took a midweek service and then had coffee and lunch with was like turning a page backwards to what life used to be like eons ago.

When I drove home later going into the empty house was a physical blow dog, no cat no husband!

It was a breakthrough though as it used to be is returning..and I am glad of it.

I still need my space, my quiet times and a place to weep but life as it used to be is waiting just around the corner. When I met David I had been a widow for about ten years. I was a happy woman working in the church and living in an idyllic village. I was not looking for another husband...

But we fell in love with all that implies....being a priest meant that I had to marry....or as the bishop said

"Vicars can't live in sin Jean"

Being David's wife was a joy and a privilege. The word used most to describe him was simple. He was a gentleman in every sense of the world.

Normal life is returning now but his legacy to me is far more important than the house and garden we is a generosity of spirit , a kindness and above all the good mannered approach to everyone he disagreed with that marked him out...

Born to elderly parents he was a true Victorian gentleman who carried the ethics of his day through life and his will now testifies. He was a rare breed...there can't be many more like him in the world.

But I am so glad to have found him waiting at the door of the church where he was the Churchwarden.

Thank you God.




  1. What a lovely tribute Jean

  2. Well done Jean. We never met your David,,,,,, wish we had he sounds amazing, a true gentleman.You were one very lucky lady xx

  3. Well said Jean. As Babs said, we never met David, but you have drawn such eloquent pictures of him in the past few weeks, he feels as if we had known him very well.

    Blessing for this!!