Sunday, 2 March 2014

A good man

The process of sorting out continues as the paper work proliferates. I have got through an awful lot over the last week but somehow the letters are gaining on me. I am also taking over the bill paying..all the utilities are now mine...some companies make this painless but many don't...and there are questions I just don't know the answer to! Like where to find the reading for the solar panels...

I know this process is essential but when all I really want to do is sit quietly on my own and meditate it is fast becoming one of life's imponderables. I can live with one secret of the universe but I seem to have inherited them all right now!

An account of David's standing orders reveal his extra ordinary generosity...the list of charities he gave money to every month is extra ordinary..and as he never spoke of them it has become quite an eye opener...I have tried to let some of them know that he has died but this is going to take even more paper work!

The man I married was a kind, generous man and he was good. In a way that most of us try to be and fail....David was a good man who put his money where he thought it would do most good...certainly our local churches are going to miss him!

I am only finding out just how good he was now he's gone....we were extremely lucky to have found each other at our age...and the memories from our years together are the best thing he left me...they will stay with me for ever...thank you David and God!

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