Tuesday, 25 March 2014

A planet in spasm?

Every day the weather becomes a news story in different parts of the world. We have not been left out here either...

Getting in and out of the village is the problem in microcosm. Work started last week to repair the damage done during the massive storms. Huge machines are moving rubble, patching bits of road, shoring up the sea wall. Threading a path through it all is a problem as is parking with one eye on where the traffic warden might be!

In Someset the water levels have caused people to quit their homes. In America a huge mud slide has engulfed an entire community with loss of life and homes.

Terrible things are happening all over the world as a result of freak weather.

Of course it can only be classed as "freak" if it's a one off..but evidence is piling up that dangerous weather is happening more and more often .

Put this next to the determination of various companies to drill in the Arctic to find more oil. In this country fracking is already attempting to take advantage of shale gas.

The worlds population needs energy as well as food but the sort of profits the multinationals are seeking may well finish off the pollution of the world we are given.

Are we learning nothing from our various disasters. This glorious planet of beauty and rich resources is ours to look after not to plunder surely?

It's no longer the serpent in the garden of Eden we have to worry about...it's human greed.

In the meanwhile all we individuals can do is pray that a halt may be called before the entire planet goes into spasm whilst research into renewable energy is made a top priority.

No matter how much we may dislike windmills , solar tiles etc at least they are not producing tsunamis, mud slides and massive flooding.

Isn't it time for asking God for help....and listening to the answer?


  1. Did you listen to Beyond Belief yesterday (Radio 4)'at 4.30? The discussion was about the environment and fracking.

    1. I missed it I'm afraid....but I'm glad to hear the subject is being tackled!

  2. I couldn't agree more.
    Best Regards,

  3. Are you able to listen again on iPlayer, usually programmes stay available for a week?

  4. I'm absolutely with you all the way Jean. Nearly all the so-called progress the world is making is at the expense of people animals and planetary resources.
    One step forward and ten back is still going to land us in trouble sooner rather than later.
    It seems wherever we see a miraculous 'new' supply of anything at all there is always a massive price to be paid by us and our depleted planet.
    We need God's help as never before.