Sunday, 23 March 2014

A recycled sermon!

Saturday morning was always a sermon writing occasion....the preparation having been done during the week.

So on Saturday morning I sat at the computer early.

I couldn't write what I wanted to write so I took myself off into the village for some essential shopping. The chemist didn't open until half past nine so I went walk about.

I walked along the sea wall in glorious sunshine....the road is being mended after the storms but it was incredibly beautiful looking out to sea. I walked as far as the house David and I lived in when we were first married.. It's up a steep hill with a very narrow approach road that our Archdeacon had great trouble with when his sat nav decreed it was the way to our house!

Memories of course flooded back but beyond a misty eye or two it was OK.

In one of the shops was a man who knew I was doing a service on Sunday and he joked about the sermon so I astonished myself by saying I wasn't going to write one. I would use an old one because heaven only knew what a new one might contain.

Getting home sometime later I realised it was true....I could not start a new sermon. It would contain far more of me than it should so I am using the one from the last time we were in year A.

It's not a brilliant solution but the risks of writing a completely new one were too great...they do not need to see me in tears....again...

We shall be alright providing no ones nice to me!


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