Friday, 21 March 2014

Back to work.

Normal life is returning, albeit slowly.

It's taking time because from the moment last summer when we realised David's illness nothing has been normal since. However I went out again last night , this time to a dinner for one of the village societies where I knew everyone in the room.

It was fine, I enjoyed it, even the drive to get there through the dark!

Today I hand the new lawn mower over to the gardener . I hope he approves, the grass is doing well right now with all this rain!

I am working on Sunday and have a sermon to write.

I am aware of all the pitfalls along the way but so far have kept out of them all!

Someone last night gave me some good advice.

"You live upstairs in that house." She said. "Before you go down to answer the door, look for the car. If it's someone you don't want to see don't go down."

I doubt I can do that...but it's going to be sitting somewhere in the brain for the next week or so!

As her husband died a couple of years ago she was fully aware of potential problem areas!

Some very old friends were there last night, people from before my ordination...they all came at some point to talk, and it was fine!

Life without David is not going to be a picnic, there are many things I struggle to do on my own but some of the demons, like driving in the dark, are being conquered...

The sermon is another matter....but the story of the woman at the well is a good one to start with...her faith carried her through as will mine....eventually...


  1. You are making amazing progress Jean. Just don't think every day will bring you nearer to what is 'normal' for you.
    Personally, though I found it very hard at times, I found that two steps forward, one back was the better way to go.
    From your own experience you will know well that the tortoise approach is better for both mental and physical health than the 'must get there fast' approach of the hare.
    I'm so glad you are surrounded by so many people who care for you though I also know that sometimes you just need to close your door to everyone.
    Your faith is strong and so are you.
    Love and prayers continue X.

  2. Jean, I am so sorry for your loss. You've been in my prayers these last weeks. I too am glad you have such good support.

  3. Good to hear that you're doing things and even enjoying them. But you seem aware of the pitfall, so I won't harp on that. Just really glad that you are doing some normalish things again. But a plea, don't rush or over stretch yourself - you know your own strength, so please, please don't over do it.

    Love and prayers continue.{{{Hugs}}}