Thursday, 20 March 2014

Christian values.

With each passing day I realise just how good a man David was.

The letters arrive daily about his direct debits, his payments to various charitable foundations, to research funds, to museums, our local churches, to his old university...animals, children, the old, infirm or just the feckless or unlucky, they are all included in his bounty.

He was a truly good man in every sense of the word....and only now he is gone am I seeing the extent of it.

Every day I have to give someone the news that the well has dried up. Some sort of effort will be made by me to continue with the ones most dear to his heart but I lack both his money and his motivation.

The invitation to keep his membership of a rowing club going In his name needs some thought. To qualify to join this club you have to be invited and to have been in a winning team at Henley.

David loved this club so the temptation to keep it going is strong.

I realise now just how generous my darling was and hope I can live up to what he did and what I know he would want me to do..

As I chat to him daily....yes of course I do...this does not make me completely dippy....only going in that direction, I will get a idea of what he would want me to do I am sure...

Until then I am not making any decisions.

But for now I am quite simply amazed at his generosity and his essential goodness....the best man I have ever known.. He will be very sorely missed and not just by me.

His legacy will be remembered long after his passing.

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  1. Lovely tribute to David and to your own generosity as you sort out these affairs. The reality for some of those that he helped is that such bounty might not be available, although some smaller donations might be forthcoming. Hopefully they'll appreciate that their sources of income are never permanent but are limited by people's ability to continue to pay.

    Prayers and {{{Hugs}}} continue.