Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Hanky in pocket!

This period is mentally intense as I'm learning how to do new things, like reading several meters for different things...

Each day brings a new challenge, a new thing to be learned. But so far it's ok! Just!

Today, Ash Wednesday is a reminder of better times...as well as it's religious significance.

The last two Ash Wednesdays were spent on board one of the Cunard Queens.

The year before last was when we went to a beautiful wooden church in Wellington , New Zealand !

Last year we did our own thing on the balcony of our cabin...

This morning I will go to our nearest church at St Just in Roseland which is as beautiful as it's name!

The flowers from David's funeral are still in good condition and have been laid on top of two other graves, one the place where David's first wife's ashes lie and the other where my daughters ashes are buried...

I will not manage the service and it's aftermath with out weeping so a big hanky will be needed....

With the help of God I can!


  1. [*] and {{{Hugs}}} for a poignant day for you. No doubt the memories will kick in and the loss will be more keenly felt due to it. But you know that David is still with you and will live in your and others memories for many years to come.

    And tears are OK, You know that already, but weeping is an outlet and can take some of the pain away, albeit temporarily.

  2. St Just in Roseland is such a beautiful church. I've only ever seen it in sunshine, but whatever your weather or emotions today may your visit there be blessed.