Friday, 7 March 2014

Legalities and such!

When I first became a widow in 1997 I experienced many of the same problems then as now. I had never driven David's Discovery. Taking it out onto the road was traumatic the first few times... In the end I drove it back to Essex from Cornwall every month but it took quite a lot of determination the first few times!

Getting to grips with all the paper work took around a year...

Now the paper work piles up daily...I am trying to keep on top of the important things like paying the utility bills and the various insurances.

One interesting development this week has been the electricity firm.

They had no difficulty in allowing me to take on the Direct Debit...though it took up a lot of time grunting yes at all the info being poured out by the poor girl in an office somewhere..

The problems only started when I tried to tell them what the solar tiles were up to. The fact that they had been switched off by accident was not the problem....

I asked them to send me the right form to fill in. I couldn't download the Word document with my mac so they sent it by post! It required an enormous number of fail safes!

Proof of identity...proof of ownership, proof of address....letter from a solicitor giving much of this info!

What a performance....they had no trouble in accepting me paying the direct only became a problem when they had to send me money!

I told the young woman in the solicitors office that I was spending more time with them than I was in Church these days...



  1. It comes as no surprise to hear that paying you money was the major hurdle with the electricity supplier. Their entire system appears to be one-way only.
    I'm surprised your solicitor didn't offer to do the work for you. At a cost of course.
    As a fully paid-up wimp when it comes to financial matters, i admit that the solicitor and the bank manager did all the sorting out after John's death, and together with a superb (qualified) neighbour, took all the worst of it out of my hands.
    I'm breathless with admiration at the way you tackle the most daunting of tasks without hesitation.
    It takes a very special brand of courage to take on all this at such a time.
    Blessings love and prayers X