Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Moving on.

Yesterday was another day for tackling the paper work. Very deep sigh.....

I have now taken over the rates and water...crumbs! Even with a sole occupancy discount it's still frightening!

All my chickens are coming home to roost now...next months bills are going to be daunting but I will get used to not being a kept woman, eventually!

The main expenditure yesterday was buying a lawn mower...now the sun shines the warmth is bringing all the dear little grass spears on by the inch every day!

David's sit on mower is going at the end of the week....I can't even get the hand brake off...it's going to a new home in Devon with one of David's sons. I hope it will be very happy there!

I have asked around and via the wonderful parish mag I contacted a chap who has found me just what me and the gardener were looking for...a power driven petrol mower that should be great for weaving in and out of the fruit trees. They will heave a collective sigh of relief when the sit-on goes on it's way!

He will deliver it minus a hundred weight of cardboard packaging, filled with oil and petrol and ready to go. All I have to do is get out the cheque book. So be it...I can't let David down by allowing the cow pasture to return to its former glory...

Some plants are looking very drab if not actually dead....some new ones are also on their way... Keeping this garden alive and beautiful is important to me now...for very obvious reasons. I couldn't keep David alive but I can keep his home and garden beautiful.



  1. Glad that there's some movement - even though it's proving expensive.
    And the garden sounds as if it's progressing at a high rate of knots, ours is still moribund ;(

    Prayers and {{{Hugs}}} continue.

  2. Prayers and {{{Hugs}}} continue from Epiphany too