Monday, 31 March 2014

Only joking?

Written yesterday.
Tomorrow I am aiming at a normal day, doing things I used to do with David most weeks . I stopped doing "normal" last Autumn but it's time to start again.
Happiness really is a life choice and it's one I've been making most of my life. It stops for grief but it's still something to aim at so in the morning I will go into Truro. The last time was on our wedding anniversary in November so there's a lot of stuff that needs doing....banking mostly but as always my favourite food shop beckons. I am still living on ready dinners is not relevant right now.
I will go in on the ferry at the chosen time and park in the regular car park.
Going back to normal has it's pains but it's still essential.
Most of the time I give a reasonable impression of being rational...Especially where shopping is concerned...I am still a woman after all....
Tuesday morning.
Brave words of yesterday ....I left the date out of my planning.....April first is foggy here....if it lifts a little I am still going....but I regard the murkyness outside as a particulary good April Fool joke....nice one Lord!
 Much later.
I did it! After months of only getting to the hospital and nursing home I finally managed a trip into Truro! The cheques are paid in. The ready dinners are put away though Marks and Spencer proved a harrowing experience particularly when I had to get all my bags into the car on my own.  This is life as I shall have to know and love it from now on..    The sense of achievement is ridiculous...doing things I've been able to do  for years...but thanks for lifting the fog up there!


  1. Go safely! Hope that you are able to achieve what you want from the day, as it sounds like something worth doing.

    Prayers and hugs from Brilliantly Sunny North Kent.

  2. There's nothing ridiculous about your sense of achievement. The most everyday things assume giant proportions when viewed from a single standpoint. Nothing like as easy as when there were two of you to overcome every little setback.
    Start giving yourself some credit woman.
    Exasperated love and prayers.X:)

    1. Bless you Ray....and thank you for your prayers exasperated or not !