Monday, 17 March 2014

Small problems!

I am taking David's car in today has two warnings flashing whenever I drive it. One tells me that a door is open. It isn't! Another asks me to check my tyres....I have!

Still the lights flash and I am told its an electrical fault and needs to be turned off!

I suppose in this technical age it's inevitable that this sort of problem can arise....I have been driving it complete with flashing lights since Christmas so it's definitely time to get it sorted...

I have tried to treat it as though it was a printer....switch the whole thing off and start again but that's not working for me so in it goes .

As luck would have it I have a letter to get into the post this morning which has to be registered......

I can get into the village quite easily but the road out is closed today for a week whilst they repair some of the storm damage.

I know there are side roads I can take but imagining the chaos that will ensue this morning I am considering driving to the next village to post the letter.....

All of this is small stuff compared to the last months...but they are things I don't need right now.....

However the feeling of things getting back to a sort of normality is a good one...I suppose , providing I don't run into any frustrations....the straw is getting shorter by the day....

I must concentrate on the beauty surrounding me instead of the chaos..but for now the chaos is more prevalent....

Lighten my darkness Lord!


  1. Hope you get it sorted. Sometimes its the little frustrations of day to day problems that can be last straws at times when we are vulnerable. Keep safe.

  2. As Nancy has said, keep safe. It can be quite annoying to have lights flashing when you know there's nothing wrong, but a niggling doubt in the back of your mind, that you might be missing something :(

    Hope that all goes well and that you're able to resolve the bits and pieces that need doing.

  3. Hi Jean
    I did post a comment on your post yesterday but the cyber monster ate it, but as it is just as relevant today and at the risk of repeating myself:
    You need to be kind to yourself and if that means seeking comfort in sleep, so be it.
    In emotional crisis my own default position is sleep. I think it is a way of trying to hide from what is going on, but whatever the pschyoanalysis might be, the fact remains that both body and mind need rest in order to repair themselves.
    Your domestic demons are turning up the heat so you really need to take things slowly.
    Love and prayers, hugs and whatever else you need. X