Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Soul food.

I decided yesterday after my burst of miserable blogging that I had to go out!

The sun shone, the wind blew and the cliffs called.

Walking without my dog still feels strange but I had decided that I had to start to walk again before my legs lost their spring.

Off I went to a bit of cliff I walked regularly with Crispin.

There I met an old friend...talking ten to the dozen we walked back together. In the village I met another old chum whose husband needed a bit of company having had a nasty fall. I spent coffee time with them!

That was the morning over!

My grocery delivery brought the ready dinners and the post man came with more forms to fill in but it was all OK. The people I'd met earlier had reminded me that our friendships developed whilst I was a single woman and that there is life after calamity!

I will try to get out every day at some stage, weather permitting and I have a service on Sunday to prepare for...writing a new sermon will be a test after all this time!

Apart from midweek communion and early ones on Sunday this will be the first proper service since last summer. They are all friends there which of course makes it more difficult but providing that when instructed not to be nice to me they aren't, then I can cope!

I live in an area of outstanding natural is Spring....despite the lack of canine companionship I am a very lucky woman...there is nowhere here that is not off I go to feed my needs a bit of sustenance just now!

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  1. It sounds promising that you're seeing the beauty all around and celebrating it - probably a good theme for Sundays sermon, given the readings. But the lovely Psalm 95 saves them, along with the story of the woman at the well, which was the theme of the recent World Wide Woman's Day of Prayer, enacted out at our local Methodist Church - and woe is me, I had to play Jesus? But some really lovely hymns chosen to accompany it.

    Prayers and {{{Hugs}}} continue and lots of Love.