Sunday, 30 March 2014

Spring forward.

Waking up on the day the clocks have to be moved forward in the Spring used to be a challenge....getting all the time pieces in the house correct took time!

It was a personal challenge after the first David died . We had a house full of clocks. Grandfathers, wall clocks , dainty free standing clocks, they all had to be pushed forward an hour and the chiming mechanism sorted out. It took about an hour and it was a sacred duty to get it right. When finally it had been achieved , listening to the synchronised chiming gave me huge satisfaction. It was a challenge passed!

Today all the electronic devices make it easy.....things have changed radically since 1997! The electronic time pieces around the house obey the command of a distant starter and lo on every phone, lap top and iPad as well as the computers, the clocks are all shunted into British Summer time without any help from me!

The battery clocks not attached to a master time keeper still have to be moved manually but last year when they should have all been put back , ours were not! David did not observe the ritual last year, another indication of the illness which I chose to ignore at the time....

So today for the first time since last year all our clocks are correct.... In this house we never left BST...

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