Monday, 10 March 2014

The sun came out!

Cornwall underwent a sort of transformation yesterday! In one day we travelled from winter to summer!

After months of wind and rain suddenly the sun made an appearance and it was warm!

I took my visitor down into St Mawes and we sat outside our local to have lunch along with many other people.

The pub looks out to sea and it was very reminiscent of old times . David and I often sat where we were yesterday. It was the place we used to take my it was a risk but one we were prepared to take but it was fine...the sun worked it's ancient magic .

I walked along the sea wall on my own for a little post a couple of letters and passed a family I knew well.

A girl I married two years ago was pushing out her new baby...accompanied by her mother.

They didn't recognise me! I'm not sure why. I was wearing jeans and no dog collar so I didn't look like the usual me and I reflected as I walked that I must go down there in mufti more often! It was a liberation!

It was another good day....and this morning I see a sun touched face staring at me in the mirror.

Life does go on...even without those we love. The feeling that I do not walk alone is real and reassuring and the sun yesterday was a blessing for everyone here!

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