Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Back to the drawing board!

Thinking I'd sorted out the paper work a few days ago proved pretty optimistic! More stuff keeps coming through the post, mostly tax related. I have now had at least six different tax codes for this took two longish phone calls.but I think I may have sorted it out! They now realise that I'm only one woman....I hope!
David's tax problems are not sorted. I am now facing the joys of self assessment which is what he opted for! I can't even begin to give them any useful's only in the last weeks that I have learned anything at all. We agreed on our wedding day that we'd keep our money separate.....
This made total sense. I reassured my new husband that I much preferred to buy my own clothes ! I had been an independant woman for some time when we met! So there were no arguments over money or who bought what.....we went halves on most things and never had joint accounts.
This is causing problems now...I can't even hazard a guess at most of the answers to the questions on the form! The tax form is for last year....when David was alive but they have to be sure he paid enough!
He did no paper work at all last year as far as I can see...I still remember the six thousand e mails I cleared from his lap top!
I think a trip to the solicitors may be this mornings challenge......

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